Anfield redevelopment moves forward as club confirm new approach


The Anfield Road end expansion is still scheduled to be ready in time for the start of the 2023-24 season.

Liverpool’s Anfield Road end expansion has steadily taken shape since the day Reds manager Jurgen Klopp broke ground on the project just over 13 months ago.

The stadium redevelopment is now more than halfway complete and remains on track to be ready in time for the start of the 2023-24 season, according to Liverpool FC. But in a new update on progress the club has confirmed that a different approach will be sought on one aspect of the complex build in the new year.

While the completed stand will add 7,000 more supporters to the L4 stadium, part of the building process requires removing the roof from the existing, two-tiered Anfield Road End. Plans had been in place for this part of the project, earmarked an upcoming milestone in the summer, to be carried out during the World Cup break.

With the existing roof structure still in place and the Reds set to host Leicester City on December 30, the club has confirmed this manoeuvre will instead take place during the close season in the coming summer. The club says the move will not have an impact on the projected timescale for the project nor its cost, and that logistical reasons were behind the decision – noting that a summer time slot for the works had previously been discussed.

The club has also confirmed that in recent weeks two steel haunches have been added to the North East and North West sides of the build. Rainwater pipework and insulation of the building is said to be in progress.

Since works began on the project in October 2021, significant progress has been made with some of the most challenging hurdles of the build already cleared. This includes using two 600-tonne cranes to lift the new stand’s roof truss into place, a delicate procedure that was carried out in searing temperatures during the July heatwave.

The process involved 30 engineers working on the structure for around 12 hours. According to the club, the towers, haunches and truss are connected by a total of 25,000 bolts.

When the project is completed, a total of 3,700 tonnes of steel will have been used. Work has been taking place behind the existing stand which shows the scale of the new Anfield Road End once completed.

The project is the second time Anfield has been redeveloped under current owners Fenway Sports Group. This latest £80m investment follows on from the expansion of the Main Stand which was completed in 2016.

When all ongoing works are completed in the summer Anfield will be able to hold 61,000 fans, making the stadium the fourth biggest in the Premier League.


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