Some Liverpool players have now told ‘world-class’ player to come and sign for them – journalist


Some of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool squad have been involved in trying to persuade Jude Bellingham to join them next summer.

That’s according to journalist Ben Jacobs. Speaking to Give Me Sport, Jacobs gave an update on Liverpool’s pursuit of their top transfer target.

Some Liverpool players have now told 'world-class' player to come and sign for them - journalist

“Right now because Liverpool have done so much to assure the family that there’s a plan, and because Jurgen Klopp has been involved and players have been involved, and because Liverpool are prepared to pay big and strike a deal from a club to club sense, I believe that Liverpool consider themselves frontrunners,” he explained.

Reading between the lines, Jacobs is surely referring to Bellingham’s England teammates Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Keep at him, lads!

Liverpool looking for Bellingham advantage

This should be an area where Liverpool hold a little advantage over Real Madrid in this particular transfer saga.

They’ll still be wary of Erling Haaland and the England players at Manchester City, but Madrid don’t have any such weapons in their squad.

None of the Spanish club’s players have ever been teammates with Bellingham. There are no English players in the Real Madrid squad either.

Obviously, Madrid will argue, quite rightly, that they don’t need such gimmicks to lure players in. The appeal of playing for the club speaks for itself. They only target world-class players, so they say, and as Kieran Trippier says, Bellingham is certainly that.

Usually, that would put the European Champions on a level, or even better footing than other clubs. But the Borussia Dortmund star feels like a different type of player.

He isn’t going to make a decision based upon something as trivial as the status of being a Real Madrid player. Everything that can be weighed up will be as he looks to make the right call for his career.

With such a tight race, these small details are important. Bellingham looked to be really getting friendly with both Henderson and Alexander-Arnold in particular during the World Cup.

Hopefully the bonds created there can help to inform him that a move to Anfield is still his best option.


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