Liverpool are reportedly set to receive a formal bid next month and it seems increasingly possible that it may originate from Qatar after Mo Salah was spotted in talks with QSI head Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaifi.

Ismael Mahmoud, an Egyptian journalist, reported on Twitter that the latter plans to make the forward ‘one of the pillars of the Qatar project with Liverpool’ ahead of a rumoured takeover.

Given the club’s obvious opposition to a joint venture with a state entity, due to the Reds’ values and morally competent supporter base, it seems likely that any bid coming in February will arise from the private sector.

The possibility of having new owners capable of genuinely closing the gap to the financial juggernauts of the English top-flight is an exciting one, particularly when one considers the calibre of manager we have present at Anfield.

The rebuild job required alone certainly necessitates a higher level of investment than FSG may be able to offer, so a change in hands would be highly beneficial ahead of the summer window.

That being said, even bids coming from the private sector are problematic given the inevitable connections to the state and its more than questionable human rights record.

This is all purely academic, of course, until we learn how QSI plan to get around the barrier of UEFA’s regulations, which stipulate that the same entity can’t own two clubs in the same competition (Champions League).

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