Saudi Arabian billionaire Mohamed Al-Khereiji could be a potential candidate to buy Liverpool.

That’s as per journalist Ben Jacobs. Writing for Football Transfers, Jacobs suggests that Al-Khereiji is ‘likely’ to be interested in submitting a bid for either Manchester United or Liverpool.

The billionaire, who runs Saudi Media Group, reportedly attempted to buy Chelsea last year. Being a fan of the club, he is said to have put down a ‘relatively competitive’ offer. However, as we now know, this was not successful.

But Jacobs suggests that this hasn’t put Al-Khereiji off from trying again. Having since reportedly been a ‘deal-maker’ in Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent move to Al-Nassr, the billionaire is claimed to be able to ‘find funding.’

It’s suggested that any move is unlikely to come from Al-Khereiji alone, though. Instead, Jacobs reports that talks are taking place ‘all across the Middle East and North Africa’ to find individuals or organisations who may wish to make up a consortium. This seemingly applies to both Liverpool and United.

The journalist says Al-Khereiji may not be the only failed Chelsea buyer to return to the table too. He suggests that other rebuffed consortiums are also ‘likely’ to take a look at buying either club.

Jacobs adds more colour

There’s quite a lot to unpack here. And it also isn’t the end of Jacobs’ update on the Liverpool takeover.

The journalist reports that despite recent excitement over a Qatari-based bid, no offer has actually been made. Jacobs claims that Tottenham Hotspur remain the only team investment fund QSI have held talks with.

He also writes that there haven’t been as many offers for Liverpool as are being reported. However, the journalist expects this to change over the coming month or so.

When these bids arrive, Jacobs claims that it should become clear whether FSG are looking for a full sale, or just minority investment.

Until then, it seems that we’ll just have to sit tight. These things can take a lot of time to sort out and we know how thorough FSG tend to be in matters relating to money.

So, perhaps Al-Khereiji is someone who’s name you’ll hear a lot more of. Perhaps he isn’t. Only time will tell here. But either way, we wish FSG would get on with it and put an end to this uncertainty.


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