James Pearce warned that a lack of Champions League football for Liverpool next term could have devastating consequences for the club this summer.

The extent to which such a scenario will genuinely impact the Reds’ ability to commit to the serious squad surgery needed after 2022/23, of course, is dependent on whether the side’s ownership changes hands.

The process remains ‘ongoing’, though ‘could change fast’ as rivals Manchester United have discovered themselves.

“Missing out on the Champions League spots this season would leave a sizeable hole in the finances at a time when Liverpool’s rebuild needs to be backed with some serious cash. Securing a deal for top summer target Jude Bellingham would certainly become a lot more challenging to pull off,” the reporter wrote for The Athletic.

“Who is going to pick up the tab for what’s required? Will Klopp have to lower his sights?

“Much depends on what happens with the owners over the coming months. Fenway Sports Group has yet to receive the kind of offers it was expecting for Liverpool, but that process is ongoing and could change fast. Uncertainty reigns.”

This update comes amid a reliable report from Alex Miller on QIA’s talks with the club, though it’s understood an offer has yet to arise.

The key for Liverpool remains finding an investor or group willing to elevate us to a level comparable to financial juggernauts like Manchester City and, now, Newcastle United.

We don’t necessarily need to be punching through the glass ceiling, though it will be a challenge to source individuals willing to progress the club without themselves standing in opposition to our values.

Interest from Qatar, even coming from the private sector, will inevitably draw connections to the disturbing abuse of human rights locally and in the region, of which we simply cannot endorse as another vehicle for sportswashing in the English top-flight – REGARDLESS of the benefits such an association may bring.

That then leaves a very small pool within which we must operate in, though we’ve every faith that the club is capable of attracting the right owner in the long-run.


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