Jurgen Klopp spoke disparagingly about the importance of his press conferences but acknowledged they can occasionally be useful for sending an atmosphere message to fans.

Jurgen Klopp has suggested he is not in total control of the messages he communicates in Liverpool press conferences, confessing he is prone to “unconsciously” letting comments slip.

The German, 55, is one of the most charismatic managers in the Premier League and his pressers are rarely dull affairs. He has been known to leave reporters in stitches with laughter when in good spirits but is not afraid to hit out at those whose questions he takes issue with.

Some bosses view press conferences as an important aspect of their responsibilities, giving them the chance to speak indirectly to fans, players or critics. Klopp is very much in the other camp, however, admitting he does not prepare to face the media and is largely indifferent to what goes on in the press room.

“After this interview, we have a press conference,” Klopp told Mike Calvin’s Football People podcast. “Tony [Barrett, Liverpool head of club and supporter engagement] tries to prepare me for it, give me hints here and there about what could come, but I don’t think about it for a second before.”

The former Borussia Dortmund manager believes some of the messages he delivers in press conferences occur without him realising. While he was disparaging about the importance of what he says to assembled sportswriters, he did acknowledge that he sometimes takes the chance to address supporters about the atmosphere at Anfield.

“There might be moments where you unconsciously give a message and it’s for everybody – journalists, supporters and players as well,” Klopp added. “And to supporters, yes, from time to time, of course.

“When I ask for an outstanding atmosphere in difficult times, for example, I try to give a message. But, most of the time, I don’t really think about press conferences until a second before I enter the room.”

Despite the entertainment – for better or worse – he often provides, Klopp went as far as to say: “I don’t believe in press conferences, let me say it like this. You cannot win a game there. It might be possible to lose it if you say the completely wrong things, that might be possible!

“But I don’t think they’re massively important, to be honest, and I don’t have time to think about what I could say before, or what I said after, and worry about it. I have no time for that.

“Other people will tell me, ‘oh, that was too much, that will create headlines’. I know in the moment I say something, ‘that will be the headline tomorrow’, and I don’t want to do that, but it happens anyway.”


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