Along with both performances and results on the pitch failing to live up to the massive expectations set by the unprecedented success of the preceding half decade, this season has seen Liverpool appear a club in disarray off the pitch as well.

First, the man set to replace the stellar work of Michael Edwards, Julian Ward, announced his decision to leave the post of Sporting Director after less than six months in charge. Then, director Mike Gordon stepped down from his position, leaving CEO Billy Hogan with even more on his plate.

In addition to these two senior figures, club doctor Jim Moxon left in the summer — and now works for Manchester Utd — while director of research Ian Graham, fitness coach Jack Ade and analyst Tim Jenkins have left at various points in the past few months. Add a report from Melissa Reddy — one of the few iron-clad journalists left — about behind-the-scenes conflict between senior staff members, and the well-established portrait of a harmonious, unified backroom begins to crumble.

All told, there appears to be plenty to do both on and off the pitch in the next six months, and according to reports, one of the major puzzle pieces on the back room staff might look to be falling into place.

Monaco’s Paul Mitchell has announced he will be leaving the French club this summer, and given the Reds’ current staff openings, adding two and two here is not particularly complicated. Mitchell has previously worked at RB Leipzig, Southampton and Tottenham, where he has largely been responsible for staff and player recruitment.

Whether this one pans out is up in the air for now, of course, but it is absolutely a certainty that the Reds will be going as all-in on making sure their backroom is in place as they will in the chase for a generational midfielder.

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