Virgil van Dijk breaks exciting Liverpool news he’s heard inside the club


Liverpool fans have been tortured with several rumors this season that Jurgen Klopp could be about to walk away from Anfield but, thanks to Virgil van Dijk, we now have a positive update on the boss.

When asked if he was excited to play under the German next season, the 31-year-old said to Sky Germany’s Florian Plettenberg: ‘Of course! Jürgen Klopp is the boss & that doesn’t change. I‘m very happy with him.

‘He‘s very happy at #LFC. Hopefully, better times are coming again. That’s what we are working for.

It did seem that most of our supporters assumed that the 55-year-old would never leave us before his contract came to an end but the more you hear these stories, the more you start to think that they could be true.

This update from Virgil van Dijk is great though as it shows that he has the full confidence of the players (and the supporters) and that they are all looking forward to the future with him.

This may be a bad campaign but we’ve had more than enough fantastic ones that we can allow a blip, having said this though we could still finish in the top four and that can never be considered a huge failure.

If there were any fears about the future of our club, hearing that both Virgil van Dijk and Jurgen Klopp are in this for the long haul should only heap on confidence for what the next few years will provide.


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