Open to vote; ‘Bukayo Saka Vs Marcus Rashford’-VOTING ENDS TOMORROW


At this point, it is undeniable – Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka are two of the best players in the Premier League. England are very lucky to have such a talented pair of attacking players at their disposal – but who is better?

For reference, we’re only looking at each player’s performances from this season – anything that the two players have achieved in previous seasons will be disregarded.

So far, in the Premier League, Rashford has proven himself to be the better goalscorer, with 14 to Saka’s nine. Saka, on the other hand, has more assists – he’s registered eight in the league this season, while Rashford has just three.

This alone should be enough to understand the differences between the two players. Rashford is a much more direct player, with better movement off the ball – meanwhile, Saka is a creative winger with greater technical dribbling ability.

Saka is the more adaptable player, too. While Rashford can do a job as a striker, he is far more effective out wide – he can also play on the right wing, but this makes it much harder for him to cut inside. Saka can play effectively in a number of positions, including both wings, left wing back and left back.

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Saka has also had a more consistent season. Nine of Rashford’s goals this season have come during his last nine games – there was a stretch during this campaign where the 25-year-old netted just once in eight league games.

On top of this, Saka is considerably younger – he is 21, whereas Rashford is 25. As such, Saka has more time to develop and grow into an even better player than he is already.

You could argue that Rashford has been a better performer in big games this season and is basically carrying the responsibility for United’s goalscoring on his back as he looks to keep United in the title race. So far, Rashford has scored four goals against teams currently in the top four. Saka has scored three times against top four teams this season – he may be behind Rashford in this regard, but only just and he is an important part of the Arsenal team but does not have to shoulder the same level of pressure as Rashford.

Interestingly, neither player has managed to score against Tottenham this season, despite Spurs arguably being the weakest team currently in the Champions League spots.

Overall, the two players have the same number of combined goals and assists in the Premier League this season – 17. Such a stat shows how similar the two players are in terms of quality. However, we think Saka just edges it – for now.

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