Following Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday evening, Reds’ goalkeeper Alisson had a word with the Brazilian media.

The result sent the Reds to the 8th place on the table, far from any European competition, and the 30-year-old was asked by ESPN Brasil about how it feels to be having such a difficult season following the successful years he had at the club.

Alisson claimed Liverpool are still trying to prove his quality, and shall continue to do so until the end of the campaign.

“Of course it’s been difficult, it’s been a great challenge. We are human beings and we feel as much as anyone else. We get frustrated when something negative happens. We rejoice when we are well,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil’s João Castelo-Branco.

“But football, the difference is that we can’t spend a long time lamenting because that’s the good side of football. When things are going badly, two, three days after a match that the team doesn’t play well, there’s already an opportunity that can show again. So that’s our challenge this season. Each game will show our real quality and play together as a team.”


During the game, Alisson was seen having an argument with his Liverpool teammate Jordan Henderson.

Now he dismissed having any kind of problems with the midfielder, claiming that’s the way players speak to each other during important matches.

“Me and Henderson, we are two people who fight, who give our lives for their team. And on the field there is no way to ask ‘please’. So sometimes it seems that the mood is high, but it’s two people trying to fix it, do things in the best way for the team and try to help.”

Following the defeat to Manchester City and the draw with Chelsea, Liverpool’s sequence in the Premier League isn’t getting any better.

That’s because next weekend they’re facing Arsenal, who stay on top of the table and keep working hard to avoid any chances of letting the title escape from their hands.


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