Liverpool are currently losing 2-1 to Arsenal at home in Anfield, and lie in eighth spot in the Premier League and outside of European qualification places.

Their fall from one of the continent’s top sides to where they currently are has been swift, and slightly shocking when you consider that their squad is largely the same as the one that won a Champions League and a Premier League.

But, in a recent interview with Sky Sports, manager Jurgen Klopp showed that his hunger to succeed with the club is still there, and was strong in his assertion that he did not want to dwell on past glories.

“It’s so strange it’s only a month ago we won seven against Man United. So the difference between home performance and especially home results and away results is incredible.

It’s always like this. If you’re a good home team, which we are still kind of but you don’t get anything away and you have a very average season.

I want to look back on my career when I’m finished and not rely on telling people by the way that’s what we did last year. I couldn’t care less what we did last year…. or the years before.

I’m interested in this now, and I’m 100% responsible for this rubbish, it’s really not cool.”

Jurgen Klopp Takes Responsibility For Poor Liverpool Form 

“Look, I know in a world with social media everyone can express their emotions in an instant, there will be a lot of negative comments about us in a moment, I understand that,” continued Klopp.

“People in the stadium have been incredible, and the majority of our supporters think well they did that last year and it was a great joy to watch, and I get letters with these kind of things it’s really nice.

“But anyway, if somebody can get through a situation like this in a classy manner, it’s us.”

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