Jude Bellingham transfer: some Liverpool fans have theory about what happens next


Liverpool supporters have reacted to the Reds pulling out of the race to sign Jude Bellingham in the summer.

Liverpool has reportedly ended their pursuit in Jude Bellingham and Reds supporters have not taken the news well.

Jurgen Klopp had made the Borussia Dortmund midfielder their number-one target going into the summer transfer window, but the plug has been pulled by the Reds.

The Reds are set to miss out on Champions League football for next season after a terrible campaign by their standards and a midfield rebuild is desperately needed in the coming months.

One supporter believes he ‘called it from day one’ as Liverpool would have needed to spend over £100 million on Bellingham.

“I’ve called it from day one. These owners were never going to pay the money and if they did that’s all we would bring in. We need 3/4 good signings not just one.”

Not signing Bellingham is a ‘disaster’ and a betrayal’ according to this Liverpool fan on social media.

“Doesn’t matter what happens in the summer, not signing Bellingham after spending 3 years waiting for the ‘right player’ and then buying a few half-decent players will be seen as a disaster and a betrayal.”

Liverpool is still in the race for Bellingham according to this fan as he doesn’t believe the speculation.

“Don’t believe for a second we are out of the race for Bellingham, it’s still on!”

This Reds supporter has tried to make sense of Liverpool pulling out of trying to sign Bellingham.

“The reality is we need more than just Bellingham in this aging squad. 4-5 new players needed rather than putting our eggs in one basket.”

Could this be a negotiating tactic for Liverpool? These supporters seem to think so.

“If this Bellingham thing isn’t a negotiating tactic, you’ve got to wonder why they felt the need to say anything at all?”

“This is part of the play where we see if Bellingham pushes Dortmund or not. It’s where Keita, Thiago, van Dijk, and Alisson all seemingly did after “public negotiations” “went bad.” Maybe they’ll blink maybe he won’t push we’ll all finally get hit by that comet whatever.”

Here’s an idea for if Liverpool doesn’t opt to try and sign Bellingham in the summer. Just the three players wanted.

“If you ain’t gonna sign, Jude.. go get us Alexis McAllister, Caicedo, Ugarte at the least..”

This supporter wants to know how Klopp feels about pulling out of the race to sign the 19-year-old.

“Penny for Jurgens thoughts? What can he do with owners than now just won’t spend.”

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