(Video) Jurgen Klopp’s ‘power is increasing’ as FSG restore their key men in the club – Ornstein


News of the apparent decision to pull out of possible negotiations for Jude Bellingham may come as to our supporters but it may also come at a time that we see Jurgen Klopp’s influence grow within the club.

Speaking on NBC, David Ornstein reported: “In the meantime, the likes of Dave Fallows, Barry Hunter, Mike Gordon coming back into the fray after stepping away from FSG’s perspective as owners, and they’re going to lead this forward with Jurgen Klopp, who’s power is increasing.

“Fenway Sports Group are looking for more investment to help with transfers and keeping Liverpool competitive. All eyes will be on them after missing out, for now, on Jude Bellingham”.

It seems then that FSG are commited to not selling Liverpool and are now returning their key men to help the manager reinforce our squad, whilst searching for investment on the transfer front – from outside parties.

Wherever the owners find the money, they will need a lot this summer but one thing that does seem certain is that it will be the German making some major calls – in a way he hasn’t done so before.

You can watch Ornstein’s comments on Liverpool’s hierarchy (from 4:43) via NBC Sports on YouTube:


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