The bad news for Klopp after the drubbing at Leeds

The Reds boss will have to make a tough decision on some of his players

Although Liverpool’s crushing victory over Leeds seems to have only positive

things to say about it, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp knows that things are not as

simple as that, even with a 6-1 win that saw them return to within three points

of eighth in the overall standings and ever closer to those who have a ticket to

European competition. The German tactician’s problem is basically the great general work of

midfielder Curtis Jones who had over 90% accuracy in each of the areas to

qualify, allowing his good passes and interventions that the group on the pitch

flowed in such a way that the attackers only had to worry about finishing the

passes to score. And although this situation may seem like something for the German to be happy about, the reality is that this alone raises doubts as to

whether or not he should trust more in this player who wants to fight for a

starting place with just a few games to go before the end of the season.

In this relentless struggle that Jones will have to get that trust and

consideration from his coach, the names of Fabio Carvalho and Harvey Elliott

immediately jump to the forefront, because just as Curtis wants to have playing

time, both his Portuguese and British teammate are looking for the same goal,

turning this situation into a race to see who can meet the needs of a Jurgen

Klopp who only asks for better consistency to fight for a ticket to the

Champions League with only 8 games left.

Klopp is in serious trouble for next


Although the Reds boss was right to start Jones against the Peacocks, on the

substitutes’ bench both Carvalho and Elliott were somewhat uncomfortable at

not being considered by their manager even though they have been more

consistently active throughout the campaign, with Klopp now having to make

them understand during the week the current situation in the squad and how

Jones has so far beaten them to the punch with those impeccable statistics.

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