Alexis Mac Allister could cost Liverpool just £40m initially.

That is according to Graeme Bailey who was speaking on the Talking Transfers Podcast about the Argentine.

There has been a lot of discussion about how much Mac Allister will cost the Reds.

Some have suggested this deal could be worth £45m, others have claimed it could be £65m, but according to Bailey, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Indeed, the journalist claims that the initial fee could be as low as £40m, but it could end up being as high as £60m including add-ons and bonuses.

Mac Allister could be £40m initially

Bailey shared what he knows about the Argentine.

“They’ve said all along that there is no clause in his contract but there is a mechanism to get him out. That’s why Liverpool are doing this. I was told this morning that it could be as low as £40m initially which would be staggering,” Bailey said.

“It looks as though there could be other add-ons, so the initial fee could be that with add-ons taking it as high as £50m or £60m.”


An initial £40m fee is very cheap for Mac Allister, and Liverpool are getting a brilliant deal here.

Yes, £60m wouldn’t necessarily represent a bargain, but in a summer where Liverpool need multiple signings at once, an initial £40m outlay isn’t bad business at all.

These are the types of signings Liverpool need to make, quality players for reasonable fees. It’s how Jurgen Klopp’s team became so successful in the first place and it’s a model they should be returning to if they want to get back amongst the hunt for major honours.

This could be one of the signings of the summer.


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