Moises Caicedo is dominating headlines today as his ongoing transfer to either Liverpool or Chelsea drags on.

It seemed overnight that Caicedo was off to Liverpool. The Reds agreed a fee north of £100m to sign the Ecuadorian midfielder.

However, today, it’s now looking more like Chelsea wants to do the deal instead, with Caicedo believed to be digging his heels and only wanting to sign for the Blues.

The Brighton man signed a new contract in January after trying to force a move to Arsenal. And while Brighton are willing to grant his wish for a move this summer, Caicedo is fuming.

That’s because according to FootballTransfers, Brighton has actually been trying to secretly negotiate with Liverpool for some time and would actively prefer to deal with the Reds over Chelsea.

That has been said to have enraged Caicedo, who has now made it clear he only wants to join Chelsea.

It is yet another twist in what is becoming a remarkable transfer tale. For Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, it will feel infuriating.

However, if anything, it does show the Reds are ready to spend on the right player.

Caicedo is trying to force the issue

To say he’s not exactly a seasoned Premier League player, Moises Caicedo and his agents don’t half seem to get themselves involved in things.

He wanted the move in January and now doesn’t want to sign for Liverpool either, despite money being agreed.

This is a transfer for the ages and in the end, it looks like Chelsea might win out. But regardless, Caicedo has shown himself to be a player who is willing to kick up a fuss to get what he wants.

That’s something Pochettino might need to be wary of. No matter how good Caicedo turns out to be, you need top characters and Chelsea needs to be mindful.


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