‘Liverpool sources insist’: Journalist is now hearing something slightly different about Moises Caicedo - Now soccer
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‘Liverpool sources insist’: Journalist is now hearing something slightly different about Moises Caicedo



Chelsea and Liverpool are still battling over the signing of Moises Caicedo.

The Reds and the Blues have both been desperately working on this deal over the past 24 hours, but at one point, it looked as though the Merseyside club had lost ground in the race.

Indeed, there had been whispers that Liverpool were ready to walk away from the Caicedo deal after it was reported that the player had told Jurgen Klopp’s side that he only wants to join Chelsea.

While Fabrizio Romano reports that Liverpool were ready to walk away, according to Neil Jones, writing on his Substack, that isn’t the case, and Liverpool sources are insistent that they have not given up on signing Caicedo yet.


Liverpool not giving up

Jones shared what he knows about Caicedo at the moment.

“Liverpool sources insist that, despite reports to the contrary, they have not walked away from the deal. They expected Chelsea to come back to the table, even after Brighton’s self-imposed Thursday night deadline, but there is a feeling that the Blues are struggling to put together a package that works, and as it stands Liverpool are the only club to have agreed a fee for the player.”


Keep battling

Let’s be honest, when you’re willing to pay £110m for a player, you’re not going to just walk away due to rival interest.

Of course, this situation is far from ideal for Liverpool, and they would have hoped to have had this deal done and dusted by now, but the fact of the matter is that the race is still open.

As Jones says, there is a feeling that Chelsea are struggling to put the right package together to agree a fee for Caicedo, and until they cough up the cash, Liverpool are his only viable destination.

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