‘Strong suggestions’: Sky Sports journalist shares what they’re just hearing about Moises Caicedo

Liverpool and Chelsea are still battling for Moises Caicedo’s signature.

Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino are waiting with bated breath to see if he’ll head to Anfield or Stamford Bridge.

This transfer saga has had more twists and turns than you could ever believe.

Liverpool had agreed a fee with Brighton to sign Caicedo on Friday, but by lunchtime it looked as though a deal was off as Caicedo had told the Reds that he only wanted to join Chelsea.

However, as of yet, Chelsea haven’t agreed a fee for the player, and Liverpool are the only team that have officially had an offer accepted.

A lot has been made of Chelsea’s impending bid, but, as of yet, nothing has happened.

According to Sky Sports’ Melissa Reddy, sources are suggesting that this is being overblown a bit, with one source stating that there have been more tweets about what Chelsea are going to do than what they have actually done.

Reddy also states that there was a strong suggestion that Chelsea were hoping that Liverpool would withdraw their offer for Caicedo after yesterday’s developments, but that is yet to happen.

This saga continues to confuse and befuddle.

As things stand, as strange as it sounds, in an official capacity, Liverpool are leading this race.


Of course, things can change in an instant, and if Chelsea do submit a bid that is acceptable, a deal will likely be done, but as of yet, the Blues have been unable to do that for one reason or another.

Behind the scenes, it sounds as though people are starting to think this Chelsea talk is all bark and no bite, and the Blues now need to show that they’re serious about this move and firm up their interest with an offer.

That may be easier said than done with FFP restrictions in place as Reddy says, so maybe, just maybe, Caicedo will still end up at Liverpool.

As Reddy says in a later tweet, Chelsea are still the favourites, but until they agree a fee for the player, Liverpool are still officially in a stronger position.

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