It really feels as though Darwin Nunez has finally burst onto the scene at Liverpool.

The Uruguayan has been a bundle of untapped potential over the past 12 months, and on Sunday, he finally came good in a big moment.

He netted two goals against Newcastle to win the game for the Reds, and he was absolutely brilliant in the closing moments of the game.

Nunez showed maturity, composure, skill and speed as he scored the winning goal at St James’ Park, and surely it’s now time for him to get a chance in the starting XI.

Nunez hasn’t started a game yet this season, and according to Kenny Cunningham, speaking to Off The Ball, the striker now, simply, has to start.

In fact, Cunningham went as far as to say he would consider leaving Liverpool if he was Nunez if he weren’t to start next week.

Nunez has to start

The pundit gave his verdict on Nunez.

“If this lad doesn’t get a start in the central striking position next week, forget it, if I was him I’d have my penthouse on the market in the north west of England and I’d be out of there. He has to get a start, he has to get a run of games now in his favourite position,” Cunningham said.


Jurgen Klopp has always been incredibly fair with his team selection at Liverpool, and we have to think that Nunez has earned a start against Aston Villa.

The Uruguayan has shown what he can do, and he deserves a shot at showing his ability from the off next week.

Of course, it’s a bit far to say that Nunez should consider leaving if he doesn’t start, but, at the same time, he’d have every right to be annoyed if he didn’t get the chance next week.

It would be a real shock if Nunez didn’t get the nod against Villa, that’s for sure.


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