William Saliba has named Virgil van Dijk as the second best defender on the planet behind Ruben Dias.

Speaking on the Sky Sports Premier League YouTube channel, Saliba was tasked with ranking some of the best centre-halves around, and while he said that he would usually pick Van Dijk as the best on the planet, he had to give credit to Dias after his performances last season as Manchester City went on to win the treble.

Saliba says he’s a massive fan of Van Dijk, claiming he’s been the best in the world for the past four years, but, now, he reckons he’s been overtaken by Dias.

Van Dijk 2nd best

Saliba gave his verdict on the Liverpool star.

“Right now, honestly, it’s Ruben Dias. Normally for me it is Van Dijk he is the best. Over the last four years he was the best in the world, but for me last season it was Ruben Dias, Van Dijk second and then Thiago Silva third,” Saliba said.

“I hope maybe I will be top three next season, but I think maybe they are better than me right now. It’s not good to say they are better, but they are right now better than me but I hope one day I will be better than everyone here.”



Van Dijk is arguably the greatest centre-back to ever play this game, but, at this moment in time, you’d have to say that Dias is better.

Sadly, Van Dijk has gone backwards over the past 18 months or so. After a bad injury and at the age of 32, that is to be expected, and now, he may have to settle for being the second best on the planet.

Being the second best in the world isn’t something to be sniffed at, and Liverpool are still very lucky to have the Dutchman, but Dias may now have taken the crown as the best centre-half around at the moment.

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