Darwin Nunez was the man of the moment for Liverpool last week as he came off the bench to score two game-winning goals against Newcastle United.

The Uruguayan was incredible against the Magpies last week, but, there is still a bit of an underlying problem with Nunez at the moment.

Indeed, it doesn’t seem as though Jurgen Klopp fully trusts him – he’s started every game so far this season on the bench, and he’s bound to be frustrated.

Speaking on Premier League Productions, Clinton Morrison has been discussing Nunez after his performance against Newcastle, and he reckons the 24-year-old will be quite disappointed with his standing in the team, claiming that he looks like he’s the fifth-choice attacker at the moment.


Nunez won’t be happy

Morrison shared his verdict on the striker.

“Of course, it takes time. He will be disappointed that he hasn’t been playing. Let me tell you those two finishes at the weekend were outstanding. That was a reminder to Jurgen Klopp that he’s around. At the moment if you look at it he’s fifth-choice, and he probably wants to be first-choice,” Morrison said.


Can change it

Nunez may not be happy with his standing in the Liverpool squad right now, but he has the ability to change his fortunes.

Indeed, if he keeps playing well, Jurgen Klopp will soon have no choice but to put him in his starting XI before too long.

Nunez’s destiny lies in his own hands, and if he’s up to the challenge of being Liverpool’s first-choice attacker, he will get the opportunity sooner rather than later.

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