‘They all told me’: Fabrizio Romano says he’s been told Liverpool have a ‘special’ player on their hands now - Now soccer
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‘They all told me’: Fabrizio Romano says he’s been told Liverpool have a ‘special’ player on their hands now




Fabrizio Romano has named Wataru Endo to Liverpool as the funniest transfer of the summer.


Speaking on the Here We Go Podcast, Romano shared the details of how he managed to break this story before anyone else, and he says that even he was surprised by the Japan international’s move to England.


As we all know, Endo wasn’t a household name before his move to Merseyside, and while many didn’t know much about the 30-year-old when this story broke, Romano says he was immediately told that Endo is a special player who will fit right in at Liverpool.

Endo is special

Romano shared what he’s been told about Endo.

“I want to mention Endo to Liverpool, it was really funny because after the Caicedo story I wanted to bring news on the Liverpool midfield. I got the story about Endo and I was really surprised. They told me about Endo and they all told me it was a surprising move, but Liverpool will be signing a special player, he is a fighter, a super professional player, amazing in the dressing room in terms of relationship with the teammates, so Endo to Liverpool was really funny because I was not expecting that move,” Romano said.



This is very exciting to hear.

Usually you hear these types of stories about young players who are just coming through, but Endo is a 30-year-old who doesn’t have a massive profile.

The midfielder hasn’t been in the spotlight in recent years, but, by the sounds of it, he’s been slowly plugging away and making a real name for himself over in Germany.

Endo could end up being a brilliant signing for the Reds.

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