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‘Hold tight’: Micah Richards says £34m Liverpool player will be worth over £100m in two years



Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s most valuable asset right now, and it looks as though the Reds will have a decision to make on the Egyptian in the near future.

Indeed, huge offers arrived for Salah from Saudi Arabia towards the end of the summer transfer window, and, by the sounds of it, the Saudis will be back in January and next summer.

Liverpool will have huge money thrown at them over the next 12 months for Salah, but, according to Micah Richards, speaking on The Rest is Football, Liverpool would be silly to sell at this point.

Richards says that Salah is a player who still has a number of years ahead of him, and he believes that in two years’ time, the 31-year-old will still be worth over £100m.


Salah’s value will hold

Richards shared his verdict on the £34m winger.

“Don’t sell. No, don’t sell. I agree from a financial point of view, but just what he’s given the club. Salah will probably play for another seven or eight years. I think he has another couple of years at Liverpool and would still be able to demand £100m+ in even two seasons. I would say hold tight,” Richards said.



Richards’ comments do make sense, but this would be a big gamble from Liverpool.

Let’s not forget, Salah’s contract is up in two years’ time, so if Liverpool do hold onto him for that long, he will be able to leave on a free, but, if they can get him to sign an extension, selling him for big-money in two years’ time may not be a bad idea.

We’ve seen before how players can hold their value even at that age – Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus for huge money at a similar point in his career, so maybe Liverpool’s best bet is to cash-in further down the line.

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