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Jamie Carragher thinks that there isn’t a better place than Liverpool for Jude Bellingham to join if he plays in the Premier League in years to come.

Whilst the Liverpool legend was dreaming about that possible scenario, he was quickly shut down by legendary striker, Thierry Henry.

Carragher proceeded to state ‘where better than Liverpool, the six-time European champions’ for Jude Bellingham to join, to which Henry reminded the former centre-back, ‘he plays for a team that has won 14’, as he told CBS Sports on Paramount+ (20/09/23 at 10:40 pm).

At the age of 20, you would think that Jude Bellingham, who has played in the English Championship, Germany’s top-tier, and now La Liga, can sample many of the top leagues across the world.

And that includes his homeland of the Premier League, dubbed the best in the world, but on the other, he is playing for Real Madrid, why would you ever want to leave?

Either way, when discussing the talents of Bellingham, he was lauded by Carragher as a ‘special’ player and how he is possibly the key to England ending their long wait to win a trophy.


Bellingham to Liverpool?

“It just whets the appetite for England because they are so close to winning a major trophy,” said Carragher. “And you think about that special player. I go back to France, with Thierry (Henry), when they started being successful and that was probably built around Zidane.

“I am not saying he (Bellingham) is the exact type of player, but you have a feeling he could become one of the best players in the world. Not just in England, as one of the top players. But around the world, people think ‘he is in the top three or four players in the world’. Normally, those players can take their country to something special.

On Bellingham looking good in that Liverpool red: “He would have done. But there is still time. He isn’t going to stay there his whole career. It’s probably hard to leave Madrid, if I am totally honest. But, at some stage, if he’s the best player in England and one of England’s greatest ever players, which I think he will become, then I think he will want to sample the Premier League. And where better than Liverpool, the six-time Champions League winners.”

Henry responded: “He plays for a team that has won 14, so that is a tough one. That is the only team that can battle those guys. Not the only one, but that’s big.”


Bellingham can become a Real Madrid legend

It’s written in the stars for the Englishman to shine bright like never before and become one of the great English players.

The quality, mindset and hunger is there, as well as the biggest stage in club football – Real Madrid.

So far, he has walked into Madrid, after only a few months, and not just acted like he is the main man off the pitch, but started to prove it on the pitch.

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