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“Got to train as hard as I can” – Tottenham player to give everything to play against Liverpool



A couple of weeks ago, Tottenham Hotspur’s Richarlison had no problems telling the Brazilian media about his problems away from the pitch and how that had impacted him.

The player revealed that he’d been through personal problems, and even said he’d look for some psychological help to get things straight.

Now following Tottenham’s 2-2 draw against Arsenal in the North London Derby on Sunday, Richarlison was interviewed by ESPN Brasil, and was again happy to speak about his current situation and how he’s targeting the Liverpool match.

Thankfully, he now seems to be a little better, explaining those struggles are now gone and he’s happy at Spurs.


“That outburst was a weight off my shoulders. After that, I think things got better, so much so that I came back here happy, the group embraced me here. I came back scoring goals, giving assists. It was good to get that off my chest. I’m a guy who keeps things to myself and, at that moment, I spoke from the heart,” Richarlison told ESPN Brasil.

The Tottenham player also explained that his problems had nothing to do with the club or the national team, as they were actually personal issues off the pitch. He’s now looking forward to Spurs’ game against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

“What I was suffering from wasn’t on the pitch, in training, it was the bad people around me. Thank God those people are gone, it’s all going to get better. Now I have to train as hard as I can this week to be a starter (against Liverpool).”

ESPN points out that the player recently stopped working with Renato Velasco, the agent who’d followed him his whole career.

Featuring for Tottenham this season, Richarlison has two goals and one assist in seven appearances so far. Out of the EFL Cup, Spurs now play Liverpool in the Premier League next Saturday.


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