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Alan Shearer names what ‘has to happen’ with VAR after ‘shambolic’ Liverpool decision



Alan Shearer has had his say on VAR following the incorrect call to rule out Luis Diaz’s goal for Liverpool against Tottenham Hotspur last weekend

Alan Shearer has called for VAR audio to be aired at football stadiums following the controversy surrounding the Liverpool disallowed goal in their 2-1 defeat at Tottenham Hotspur.

The magnitude of the “significant human error”, as described by the PGMOL, was laid bare on Tuesday when the audio from the incident at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was made public for the first time. Liverpool had received the clip earlier in the day, following a strong club statement demanding answers following the Luis Diaz goal that was wrongly ruled out for offside.

In the hours that followed the incident Darren England and Dan Cook – who were the VAR and assistant VAR respectively for the game – were removed from their remaining duties for the rest of the Premier League weekend before also being taken off this weekend’s round of matches. And last night there was a report that stated England will not officiate a Liverpool game this season.

The audio illustrated a severe breakdown in communications between the officials on the pitch and at Stockley Park with former Newcastle United and England striker Shearer describing the blunder as a “mess” and “shambolic.”

But the Match of the Day pundit believes the most important change has to come within stadiums – so fans know what is happening when play is stopped.

“You can use whatever word you want – a mess, shambolic. I was listening to that last night like everyone else, it is chaotic, you’ve got so many voices going on,” Shearer said on Wednesday. “Can you imagine that, being the referee when it’s hard enough in that pressure situation anyway where you’ve got to make a decision and have four or five voices in your ear?

“There has to be more communication like there is in rugby. There’s a voice in the stadium talking to the VAR official because there’s no game without the fans. After all, the fans mean everything they make football.

“They need to hear what goes on in the stadium – that has to happen and has to improve. You have two professional people in the VAR room, a VAR and a VAR assistant, how on earth can both of them decide that?

“I think more football people should be in that room, helping them make decisions, who have played football not necessarily at the highest level but those who have played the game of football. There are so many things, we need a better understanding of, it’s not going away, it’s here to stay and we have to put up with it.

“It has to improve going forward and the big issue they’re going to have is the trust issue because there were people who weren’t believing in it so you can imagine what it’s going to be like going forward.”

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