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Top 20 Full-Tuition Scholarships For International Students



Top 20 Full-Tuition Scholarships For International Students

The United States of America is one of the best study destinations for international students because it has most of the world’s top-ranking universities. Studying in the US comes with lots of fun & excitement, and the degrees awarded are accepted and recognized worldwide.

However, studying in the US or any other foreign country can be money consuming if you don’t have any form of scholarship or sponsorship. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the top fully funded scholarships for international students.

  1. Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Student Program is one of the best fully funded scholarships for international students who wish to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. The scholarship can also be awarded to undergraduate students. It covers full tuition fees, airfare, health insurance, living stipend, and textbooks. The program operates in over 160 countries globally. And approximately 4000 international students receive the Fulbright scholarship annually. Go to the official website for more details about the scholarship.

  1. AAUW International Fellowships and Development Grants for Women

The AAUW International Fellowship and Development Grant is a full-time Grant awarded to outstanding women who are non-US citizens or permanent residents. All applicants must possess a minimum of a US equivalent degree and must have applied to a designated learning institution in the US by the time of the application.

The grant is worth $18,000 for Master’s program, $20,000 for PhD programs and $30,000 for Postdoctoral programs.

  1. The Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is a non-degree grant awarded to experienced professionals. The goal of the scholarship is to help prospective fellows develop leadership skills through a mixture of different concerns that affect fellows in their home country and in the US. Every year about 200 fully funded fellowship is awarded to qualified fellows from Pacific, East Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Hemisphere, Central, and South Asia.

  1. 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship is a special, fully funded scholarship for Nigerian students created by the 7UP bottling company in commemoration of their 50th year anniversary. The scholarship award is in line with the company’s vision of creating a greener future for passionate, talented, and excellent Nigerians. The scholarship award is open to Nigerians admitted to the Harvard Business School MBA of the next year.

  1. Bell Fellowship for International Scholars

The Bell Fellowship is a full-tuition for international students. The award offers fellows leadership and research opportunities in a two-year non-degree program in the field of development and population. The key areas of interest are Family Demography, Wellbeing, Workplace, Aging Societies, Social and Environmental Determinants of Population Health.

The Bells Fellowship is a postdoctoral fellowship program, and the criteria for selection is as follows:

  • Prospective applicants must be an erudite international scholar with a strong track record of research and academic training.
    • Applicants must demonstrate strong leadership potential.
    • Applicants must be willing to carry out research in development and population work.
    • The applicant must possess a Ph.D. degree at the time of the application.
  1. Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program

The Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program is a fully-funded fellows program sponsored by Harvard University’s Center for Environment for doctorate degree holders. The fellows are expected to work for two years with faculty members from the University to use Harvard’s resources to tackle complex environmental challenges.

To qualify for this offer, applicants must possess the following:

  • Prospective applicants must be holders of a doctorate degree at the time of the application.
  • Applicants must possess prior professional and academic success to practice or scholarship.
  • Applicants must write a proposal in line with the vision of the Harvard Center for Environment and must show how the proposed project will address environmental issues.
  1. IBM Postgraduate Student Fellowship Awards Program

The IBM postgraduate Student Fellowship Awards Program is a two-year full-tuition program for post-doctorate students. Students from all countries of the world are welcomed to apply. However, the selection process is highly competitive, but Ph.D. students who display outstanding qualities and are ready to make an impact on promising and disruptive technologies get selected. The focal areas for this fellowship award include:

  • AI / Cognitive Computing
  • Data science
  • Security / Cyber Security
  • Quantum Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud / Open Source

Since the inception of this program, over 700 international students have benefitted from it globally.

Successful applicants must meet the following criteria to be awarded:

  • Applicants must be undergoing a Ph.D. program at the time of the application.
  • The applicant must be nominated by a current doctoral faculty member.
  • Undergraduate students nominated for the fellowship must be in their second year at the time of application.
  1. Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarships, USA

The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship is a one-year, fully funded scholarship for excellent program women graduate students. It is an initiative set up by Microsoft to help increase the number of female scholars pursuing Ph.D. degrees across the globe.

  1. New York University Wagner Scholarships

The New York University Wagner Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of international students each admission year for all Wagner degree programs. The scholarship award is strictly based on the strength of the application and the contributions the Admissions committee believes the prospective applicant can make to the New York University Wagner Community.

All International Postgraduate students and applicants at the NYU Wager automatically receive a merit-based scholarship. The scholarship award is fully funded and includes a $20,000 annual stipend.

  1. Illinois Wesleyan University International Student Scholarships

The Illinois Wesleyan University International Student Scholarships is a merit-based scholarship offered to qualified international students with excellent academic performance and test scores during the entrance exams. The worth of the scholarship for Undergraduate programs ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 annually and is renewable for up four years. There are some other additional packages like campus employment and student loans that accompany the offer.

In addition to the scholarship award, a two-year fully funded President’s International Student Scholarships are also offered. The scholarship is awarded annually to two highly qualified international students in assessing their academic achievements, interests, and talents. Each award received is renewable for up to four years at the Illinois Wesleyan University.

  1. The Gates Scholarship

The Bill Gates Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship targeted at outstanding international students with excellent academic records and aims to sponsor eligible student’s full tuition fees as specified by their University or College.

The Gates Scholarship (TGS) is highly competitive and target International students from low-income households. Every year the scholarship is awarded to 300 successful applicants with the goal of helping them achieve their academic goals and realize their maximum potential.

  1. International Merit Scholarships at Iowa State University

The International Merit Scholarships is a fully-funded scholarship award sponsored by Iowa State. The Iowa state has the vision to help outstanding students achieve their academic goals. The scholarship is awarded to well-rounded students who have demonstrated a sound academic achievement and outstanding talent in one or more of the following areas: Sciences, Math, Arts, community service, extracurricular activities, leadership, entrepreneurship, or Innovation.

  1. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGLS)

The American University – AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship, which is targeted at promoting educational access and opportunity while enhancing international diversity. The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGLS) is offered for International Undergraduate Students.

Preference for the AU EGL scholarship will be given to international students who have overcome various obstacles and challenges, as well as those from diverse and underrepresented global and socioeconomic backgrounds.



The award is committed to positive civic and social change in the life of the successful applicants who will, in turn, return to their home countries to improve underserved communities. The scholarship covers all billable American University expenses for international students to study in the designated learning institutions in the United States. The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate study, based on continued academic performance.

  1. Harvard University Postdoctoral Academy Scholars Program

The Harvard University [Postdoctoral Academy Scholars program is a fully-funded scholarship award for international students. The program is targeted at providing support for outstanding scholars at the beginning of their careers to attain the highest level of academic excellence as they advance in their pursuit. Eligible applicants are selected for a two-year in-residence, postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

The Scholarship program is only open to all doctoral candidates and Ph.D. recipients in law or social sciences. Applicants must be passionate about making a difference in their various fields of endeavor.

  1. EDSF Scholarship Program

The Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation (EDSF) scholarship program was set up in 1999 to identify and support the future generation of professionals for the Document Management and Graphic Communication industry. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students who are passionate about pursuing a career in the Document Management and Graphic Communications marketplace.



  1. AAHPM Scholarship in the USA for Physicians from Developing Countries

The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program established to provide access to quality education for physicians who reside in developing countries to attend the HPNA and AAHPM assembly in Vancouver. The Developing Countries Scholarship Fund was established to provide access to quality education for physicians who reside in developing countries to attend the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) and HPNA Annual Assembly in Vancouver.

The scholarship provides financial support worth $5,000 to successful applicants to cover all costs associated with attending the Annual Assembly registration and travel expenses (including airfare, taxi fare, lodging, and meals). At the Annual Assembly, all scholarship beneficiaries will gain access to the latest clinical research updates in hospice and palliative care from professionals in the field.

This scholarship is available and open to physicians who work in hospice and palliative medicine. The applicants must reside in low-income countries.

  1. The Campbell Foundation Fellowship Program

The Campbell Foundation Fellowship Program is a two-year, fully paid Chesapeake fellowship program that helps beneficiaries gain professional hands-on experience in the field of environmental grant making. Every year, one fellowship is awarded in each Chesapeake initiative program (Agriculture, Civic Engagement). The scholarship offer is worth $40,000 per annum and comes with other additional opportunities like a medical, retirement plan, vision, dental, and access to state of the art technological tools.

As a fellow, you will receive mentorship and coaching from the Foundation staff who are leaders in their respective fields. You will also identify, research, and have access to major water-quality, improving opportunities across the grant making industry.

  1. Zawadi Africa Education Fund Undergraduate Scholarship for Women– in Partnership with Google

The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a full-tuition scholarship designed to provide scholarship opportunities to academically sound girls/women from low-income backgrounds across Africa. This scholarship opportunity will help them to pursue their undergraduate studies in any university of their choice in the United States.

  1. Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African Students USA

The Harambe Fletcher Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship opportunity for young African entrepreneurial leaders to pursue a master’s degree at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. The eligible field of study includes the Master of International Business (MIB) and Masters of Art in Law and Diplomacy (MALD).

  1. The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is a two-year full-tuition scholarship for international students to study a two-year course at the Harvard Business School. The scholarship offers the following: financial support of up to US$47,500 per year for tuition fees, travel, and accommodation expenses related to the internship and scholarship offers.

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