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Micah Richards challenged by Gary Lineker after bizarre take on Liverpool star Mohamed Salah



Micah Richard’s bizarre take on Mohamed Salah’s credentials at Liverpool was immediately questioned by Gary Lineker

Micah Richards has claimed Mohamed Salah “doesn’t do a lot else” other than score goals – as the Liverpool star currently sits second in the Premier League’s assist charts.

Salah has first and foremost made a name for himself as a goalscorer within the Reds’ ranks since his 2017 arrival – in 315 appearances he has registered 192 goals, equating to a goal every 134 minutes, and is the Premier League’s top scorer since his return to these shores.

But he is certainly no one-trick pony. Operating as part of a front three has allowed room for the right winger to expand his game to not just scoring but assisting too, his overall number now totalling 83 for Liverpool.

In fact, he has managed 10 or more assists in the last four top-flight seasons and added to his tally of strikes, Salah averages a goal contribution (goal or assist) every 93 minutes.

But Richards is seemingly somehow not convinced by the wider nature of Salah’s game.

Kicking off the debate on Thursday’s episode of the Match the Day: Top 10 podcast, Lineker asked: “What is the secret to a good front three, do you think?”

“You’ve all got to know your role,” Richards responded. “You’re gonna have someone who wants to score the goals, someone who probably is gonna have to drop into the no.10 position and link it all together, and somebody maybe with a little bit of pace.

“If you look at Liverpool, Salah scores all of the goals. Doesn’t do a lot else, does he really? Firmino used to…”

At this point Gary Lineker cut in front of his fellow former professional. In disbelief at what he had just heard, he asked: “Salah doesn’t do anything but score goals? He’s had a lot of assists you know!”

Richards responded: “Well, I mean yeah…but it is rolls across the box. It is not like dribbling past three players and then [assisting], I would say.”

Those who doubt Salah may wish to flick on the highlights of Liverpool’s opening day draw with Chelsea to see his curled cross into Luis Diaz, or perhaps look back at Newcastle when the No.11’s threaded through ball from deep set up Darwin Nunez’s 93rd-minute winner.

“Would you? I think he’s a great player,” Lineker replied, still unable to comprehend the ex-Manchester City defender’s view.

“I think he’s a great player – what are you trying to say here?” Richards attempted to recover. Lineker probed again: “I thought you were saying he was a player that just scores goals.”

“No, no. I said there’s got to be one [who scores all of the goals in a front three],” Richards ended things.

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