‘Stop spouting off’… ESPN pundit claims Liverpool man needs to be told to ‘shut his mouth’ now - Now soccer
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‘Stop spouting off’… ESPN pundit claims Liverpool man needs to be told to ‘shut his mouth’ now



Steve Nicol has told Jurgen Klopp to keep quiet over Premier League kick-off times after the Liverpool manager’s latest complaint.

Speaking on ESPN, the pundit and former Anfield star was critical of how the Reds boss had once again gone after the Premier League over Liverpool’s clash with Manchester City taking place early on Saturday.

Nicol said: “Owners need to turn around and to Jurgen Klopp and say ‘shut it, stop complaining’. If they know that, they’ve accepted it, tell him to shut his mouth then and stop spouting off.”

With Klopp in the midst of a Liverpool rebuild, keeping everyone fit and firing will be key if the German manager is to take the Merseyside giants back to the top of the Premier League.

However, kick-off times are seemingly playing their part, with Liverpool now the first fixture of the upcoming Premier League matchday after the international break.

Indeed, whilst it makes complete sense why the change was made, kick-off times have been an issue for Liverpool, with Klopp within his right to complain about them.

Klopp right to be angry with Liverpool’s Premier League kick-off times

For Premier League teams competing in Europe, there’s simply too much football being played, with Klopp’s side in four competitions heading into 2024.

The Reds are arguably still feeling the effects of the 2021/22 season when Liverpool played every single possible game as the quadruple dream just fell short for Klopp and his side.

And the former Borussia Dortmund coach is right to be angry with when some of Liverpool’s Premier League games are scheduled to kick-off, especially straight after an international break.

Klopp has been a leading voice in the way top-flight English games are planned, and whilst it might not lead to change, having a figure as big as the Liverpool man speaking about it is quite something.

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