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BREAKING Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola forced apart by Jurgen Klopp after ugly FT spat



BREAKING Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola forced apart by Jurgen Klopp after ugly FT spat

After a very tense and rather feisty encounter at the Etihad Stadium, Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola exchanged some words after Liverpool drew with Manchester City

Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had to be pulled apart from each other at full-time.

Jurgen Klopp’s side managed to snatch a dramatic draw against last season’s Treble winners. A wonderful 25-yard strike from Trent Alexander-Arnold saw the Reds’ cancel out Erling Haaland’s first half goal, which was also his record 50th Premier League goal in 48 matches.

Ironically, this encounter was surprisingly controversy free, with both sides not being on the end of any contentious decisions throughout the match. However, tensions seemed to overboil when the final whistle went.

When Klopp and Guardiola embraced each other at the end of the match, Nunez appeared to say something to the ex-Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager. It was unclear what the Uruguayan striker said to the City boss, but whatever it was, it certainly irked the Catalan.

Guardiola was ushered away by one of Klopp’s assistants, while Nunez was placed into what appeared to be a mild bear hug by the ex-Borussia Dortmund manager. After the former Benfica attacker was moved away from Guardiola, Klopp walked back over to his familiar rival for another kind word.

In the end, the incident ended with both Premier League managers smiling and laughing with each other on the sidelines.


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