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“Unforgettable” – Liverpool star on hearing YNWA for first time, ‘most beautiful’ thing about Anfield



“Unforgettable” – Liverpool star on hearing YNWA for first time, ‘most beautiful’ thing about Anfield

On Friday, Liverpool midfielder Alexis Mac Allister gave an interview to Clank Media in Argentina, relayed by Varsky Sports, where he covered a variety of topics.

Signing for the Reds in the summer, the Argentine arrived from Brighton, where he had broken through following a transfer from Argentina.

He is now fully acclimatised to the Premier League, starring with Liverpool under Jürgen Klopp, whom he is ready to pretty much do anything for.

Speaking about his role at Anfield and his ability to play wherever the manager puts him, he said: “I feel like a team player, ready to take the place that Klopp tells me to take. At first, he saw me as a right-sided midfielder, but then I switched to playing as a five, and that benefits me a lot.”

While he is happy to play wherever he is asked to on the pitch, the midfielder had a few things to say about how players are looked at these days.

Often, we can see statistics being thrown around about how much a player has run during a game, with some using that as a barometer for the amount of effort is put into a performance.

For the Liverpool player, however, that means absolutely nothing.

He said: “I’m really not interested in knowing how much I ran. If you tell me how many good forward passes I made, that interests me much more. You have to know what to look at and what not to look at in the statistics. It’s a tool but it’s not everything.”

Mac Allister was also asked about You’ll Never Walk Alone and the impact it has on players at Liverpool.

He added, “It’s the most beautiful and strongest thing about Anfield. It was beautiful to hear it for the first time. It is an unforgettable and strong moment.”


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