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OFFICIAL. VAR audio for Odegaard’s handball is out



BREAKING: Howard Webb says Liverpool should’ve had a penalty for the handball from Martin Odegaard in their league game in December.

Here’s the VAR Transcript from the situation:

Here’s the VAR Transcript from the situation:

Refereee: Now on. No, his hand’s on the floor. His hand’s on the floor. Check possible penalty for hand ball.

VAR 1: Just give me your best view. All right, turn around again.

VAR 2: Just going to look for another angle.


VAR 1: Yeah, please. Can you just give me this in full speed? Full speed?


VAR 2: Yeah. I can show you wider from full speed.


VAR 1: Yeah, because he clearly hits his arm. That’s not the point I’m looking at. Cool.


VAR 2: Yeah, so this is coming at full speed. Okay, thanks. Okay.

VAR 1: Thanks. Okay. Yeah. For me, Lee, I’m back with live. So he’s falling down. He’s moving his arms in towards him. So it’s check complete for me.

VAR 2: Yeah, from the brief look off seat.

VAR 1: Yeah, agreed. Check complete. Confirming enfield decision, no penalty.


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