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‘Got a war with you’… £7m player says he’s now completely against Liverpool this season



West Ham striker Michail Antonio has doubled down on his comments about actively rooting against Liverpool this season.

Antonio has had a long-running feud with Reds fans ever since he made some ill-advised comments about their club back in September.

With West Ham due to play at Anfield, the 33-year-old commented that he expected the Hammers to finish above Liverpool this season. After the Reds won 3-1 at Antonio missed a sitter, the striker was openly ridiculed online. This has led to comments last week from the Jamaica international, who said he now didn’t want Liverpool to have a successful campaign. And speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast this week, Antonio has reiterated his comments.

“Listen, I’m saying it with chest – I do not want Liverpool to win the league!” bellows the forward. “You know why? It’s because of these fans. They’ve been in my comments, they’ve been all over my social media. It has probably been 10 times worse since I said it and I’m still going to say it. Until the end of this season I’ve got a war with you Liverpool fans!

“Next season we’ll start a fresh. But until this season ends I’m warring you, I’m against you and I want other people to win. Next season I may back up to Liverpool because I’ve had a soft spot for you guys over the last couple of years. But this season? Nah, we ain’t friends this year.”

“I must state that I’m not involved in this,” Callum Wilson, the show’s co-host, chips in. “I don’t want no smoke guys! Have you got to play Liverpool?” “Yeah,” replies Antonio. “Are you going to be fit?” teases Wilson. “Yeah I will be,” says the West Ham man. “Aw, I’m so excited to watch this!”

Antonio doubles down on Liverpool

At this point, Antonio is clearly having a little bit of a laugh, but it’s also clear that he means what he says.

Having been targeted by angry Liverpool fans online, the former Nottingham Forest man has clearly turned against the Reds.

That won’t bother just about anybody of a Liverpool persuasion. We don’t need other players rooting for us actively or inactively.

The only thing that may have some relevance is like Wilson says, Liverpool’s trip to the London Stadium in April.

It’s also worth pointing out that West Ham play Manchester City on the final day of the season. If the Reds are still going head to head with Pep Guardiola’s side by that stage, Antonio could yet affect things here.

What odds would you get on a missed sitter from the £7m man to hand the league title to Liverpool right at the death?

Of course, the veteran could have the opposite effect and down City. Now that would be some story.

For now, that’s all ifs buts and maybes. What’s certain is that Antonio certainly does not like Liverpool right now. Don’t worry big man, the feeling is starting to be very much mutual.

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