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Liverpool would sign ‘amazing’ Premier League player today if they could



Liverpool could probably do with a new centre-back.

Joel Matip’s injury and Joe Gomez’s transformation into a full-back has left the Reds rather light at centre-half, and they could do with another quality body through the door.

One player who has been consistently linked with Liverpool as of late is Levi Colwill, and according to Ben Jacobs, speaking on The Done Deal Show, the Reds are incredibly keen on the Chelsea defender.

Indeed, Jacobs says that Colwill is a player Liverpool really like, so much so that if a deal could be done today, they would go for it.

Liverpool love Colwill

Jacobs shared what he knows about the ‘amazing’ centre-back.

“Yeah, I wrote about this last week. He’s absolutely on Liverpool’s radar, but it’s irrelevant because Chelsea see Colwill as a part of their leadership team, he’s captained the team this season. Chelsea’s stance is that he’s not for sale, and they’re not putting a number on it because it’s an automatic rejection,” Jacobs said.

“It might be one more for 2025, but there’s no doubt whatsoever that if Liverpool could sign Colwill today, tomorrow, in the summer in 2025 they would proceed because they absolutely think the player is a fit and that’s at centre-back not left-back.”

Not possible

Liverpool would love to have Colwill in their side, but, unfortunately, this deal is incredibly unlikely.

Indeed, the centre-back has only recently signed a new contract with Chelsea, and, as Jacobs says, he’s seen as such a key player at Stamford Bridge at the moment.

However, with Chelsea floundering in mid-table and Colwill being forced out at left-back, there’s every chance he could push for a move at some point, and if he does, Liverpool will be waiting to pounce.

Perhaps this is one we should be keeping an eye on in the near future.

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