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‘Starting to lose patience’… BBC pundit says Liverpool fans are now getting fed up of 24-year-old player



We’ve been waiting for it to click for Darwin Nunez at Liverpool for a long time now.

The Uruguayan was given plenty of leeway at Anfield after his initial arrival as he looked like a very raw player who had the attributes to be a star.

A lot of the chat about Nunez has been around the idea that he will come good one day, but after 18 months, it still hasn’t clicked for the attacker.

Speaking on the BBC Planet Premier League Podcast, Nedum Onuoha has been discussing Nunez’s recent form at Liverpool, and he reckons that fans are starting to lose patience with the striker due to how wasteful he has been.

Fans losing patience with Nunez

Onuoha shared his verdict on the attacker.

“You mention Nunez, I wouldn’t want to play against him, but a lot of people don’t expect much from him because he’s not lighting up the stat sheet in terms of goals and whatnot. He feels a bit chaotic, but he also has finesse, I just wish he scored more goals because I feel there are a lot of people starting to lose patience with him from a Liverpool perspective,’ Onuoha said.

“Do you think so? Because I was at Anfield for that Carabao Cup game and all I could feel from the crowd was love for Nunez and desperation for things to work for him, I think he’s one of those players,” The host said.

“Yeah, but you were in the posh seats where they tend to be more positive in that area. Yeah, I think there is some disappointment from some. You see him starting in some games and there is a finite number of chances you can miss where people stop clapping and saying keep going it will come. I wouldn’t want to play against him because he’s all-action.”

Bailed out

As the podcast’s host says, Nunez does seem to have plenty of support from the Liverpool fanbase, and that’s because he’s been bailed out by the Reds’ good form this season.

Liverpool keep winning games, so Nunez’s wastefulness hasn’t been that much of an issue.

However, if other players weren’t picking up the goalscoring slack, Nunez would probably be public enemy number one at Anfield by now.

Let’s hope Nunez can find his shooting boots soon, because if he could finish more consistently, he’d be a superstar.

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