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Jurgen Klopp shares what he told Luis Diaz straight after Liverpool vs Fulham



Liverpool just about squeezed into the Carabao Cup final after a 3-2 aggregate win over Fulham last night.

The hero in the end for Liverpool was Luis Diaz. Having snuck a slightly tame effort past Bernd Leno in the 11th minute, Diaz was the Reds’ eventual match winner.

It was the beginning of a decent performance from the Colombian, who was a constant threat throughout the game. However, speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Jurgen Klopp hinted at some frustration over Diaz’s failure to contribute to a second goal for the team.

“He got man of the match obviously and I told him already that man of the match should have scored two goals and must have one assist and then we are half way home already,” grimaced the Liverpool boss.

“They were all exceptional, they all worked extremely hard. This was not a night to shine or play a bit of fancy football, this was a night to qualify for a final.”

Diaz fires Reds through… just

After a very sticky spell, Diaz has been better for Liverpool of late. Not a prolific goal scorer, the 27-year-old now has two goals in his past four appearances.

Although Klopp is right to still be looking for more, those are encouraging stats from Lucho.

Having said that though, we’re with Jurgen. We’re still seeing Diaz squander far too many promising attacks for Liverpool.

There was a moment during the second-half that really summed up what we’re seeing from the £50m man in the attacking third of late.

With the Reds breaking on Fulham, they had men over. Diaz was fed the ball in a good position in the box, and could have even pulled the trigger.

But the former Porto man hesitated and hesitated as Cottagers defenders got back. In the end, Liverpool’s No.7 put his foot on the ball and played an errant ball back across the box to nobody.

There were two Reds players arriving into the penalty area, but somehow Diaz managed to miss them both. It was a hugely frustrating moment and was likely on Klopp’s mind as he spoke to the press here. Last night, that didn’t cost Liverpool. But there will be another time when it does.

He was good overall tonight and probably deserved his man of the match award. However, Diaz needs to start showing more ruthlessness in-front of goal. His last couple of games is a step in the right direction, but improvements are still needed.

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