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‘Not particularly happy’… David Ornstein shares what he’s been hearing about senior players at Liverpool



David Ornstein has now been sharing what he’s heard about some of the senior Liverpool player’s reaction to the huge Jurgen Klopp news.

Klopp announced his departure almost a week ago today, news that is still resonating across the Premier League and Europe.

The announcement took fans completely by surprise, and it also wasn’t information privy to the Liverpool players beforehand.

On a quiet deadline day, David Ornstein was sharing what he’s heard about the situation on a live broadcast by The Athletic.

Ornstein was initially asked a question regarding the contract situation of Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Mohamed Salah.

And as well as explaining their individual contract situations, Ornstein also shared why some important Liverpool figures weren’t happy with how the Klopp announcement was handled.

David Ornstein says senior Liverpool players unhappy with way Jurgen Klopp’s departure was announced

Responding to the contract question, Ornstein said: “It’s only natural that some of those players are going to have anxieties about the situation because they don’t know who their new manager will be.

“They’ve not held, to our knowledge, any serious talks yet about a new contract – they’ve got their careers to think about.

“Come the summer, all three of those you mentioned are going to have 12 months to go.

“This news [Klopp leaving] hit them like a bolt out of the blue from what we hear, they didn’t have any advanced warning.

“I’ve had suggestions that not all of the senior players were not particularly happy about that, but I guess when you are in Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp’s shoes, you’re probably damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

“You tell everybody, it leaks out, you lose control of it, you don’t tell them and they get unhappy.”

Of course, it was definitely a tricky one for Liverpool to handle, as Ornstein explained.

But with a view to the future, Gary Neville thinks he’s worked which club Klopp will join next.

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