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Manager talks to replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool dismissed – Not a ‘scenario’ for him right now



With Ruben Amorim recently claiming he’d leave Sporting in the summer in case he doesn’t win any titles with the club this season, Portuguese newspaper Record today features a story about his future.

As they speak about potential destinations the coach could have, there’s a mention of Liverpool. That’s because since Jürgen Klopp announced his departure from the club, many names got linked to his place, and the Lions’ boss was one of them.

The newspaper, however, doesn’t seem to believe that possibility.

Record writes that even though there are rumours about Amorim’s move to Liverpool, this scenario is and was never a possibility.

The outlet adds that Amorim asks his agent not to speak about any approaches that take place during the season, and eventual talks only take place in the summer.

So in case there’s any chance that Ruben Amorim is in Liverpool’s list to replace Klopp, that operation hasn’t started yet.

Especially because the Portuguese coach is fully focused on winning the league with Sporting, as they’re still on top of the table.


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