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Richard Keys claims ‘we know’ two players will definitely leave Liverpool once Jurgen Klopp goes



With Jurgen Klopp’s final transfer window as Liverpool manager now behind him, eyes will begin to turn to to the first one without him.

Obviously, there’s plenty to do for Klopp between now and then. Four trophies are still on the line this season. But there’s no running away from the fact that it’s due to be a big summer for Liverpool. As well as hunting for a new manager, the Reds seem set for a battle to keep some of their top players.

And speaking on beIN SPORTS yesterday, Richard Keys suggested that the Liverpool job won’t be as attractive come the summer.


Using Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou as an example, Keys says that as he ‘knows’ a couple of Reds players will be on the way out, prospective managers may be better off staying where they are.

“Just think about it right, you’ve got a team that’s clearly not going to be as strong as it was once Klopp leaves,” began the presenter. “Van Dijk will be leaving shortly after, probably Trent. Mo Salah’s gone, we know that.

“So, that’s three major figures in the team, so it’ll be a team that’s semi in decline. Whereas at Tottenham he’s [Postecoglou] building something. At Tottenham he’s on the cusp of getting something going.”

Keys in the know once again

In all honesty, we’d take Keys’ statements surrounding Liverpool transfers with a big dollop of salt.

Liverpool news

The former Sky Sports presenter couldn’t wait to declare that Salah was leaving last summer. Despite his certainty that Mo was on his way to Saudi Arabia though, the deal never happened.

So, we’d perhaps wait and see what comes out in the wash at the end of the season where the Egyptian, as well as Van Dijk and Alexander-Arnold, are concerned.

But taking his point more generally, we don’t think the Liverpool job will be less attractive to any manager following Klopp.

Of course, the hard part is that coming in after the German is going to be a bit of a poisoned chalice. Things aren’t going to be quite as good, not initially anyway. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of potential.

Klopp has made sure that he’s leaving Liverpool in positive shape. The rebuild of last summer has pretty much been completed. This is a young, hungry team who can go up levels in the future. That should appeal to any coach worth his salt.

It remains to be seen whether the likes of Salah and Van Dijk do end up leaving. Even if they do though, both are now comfortably into their thirties. There’s an argument that it might actually help a new manager to come in and start afresh without the big characters of the previous regime still around.

That isn’t a view that we’d necessarily subscribe to. However, there is logic to it.

As Jamie Carragher said yesterday, Alexander-Arnold leaving would be more of a worry. He’s a player in his prime who can still help for the best part of a decade. Let’s hope Keys is proven wrong on all counts yet again anyway.

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