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‘It’s perfect,’ Theo Epstein OFFICIALLY makes triumphant return to Fenway Sports Group as partial owner and senior adviser



Theo Epstein is coming back to Boston and he’s bringing a whole lot of excitement with him. The guy who helped the Boston Red Sox win the World Series twice is now part owner and senior adviser of the Fenway Sports Group.

This big company owns not just the baseball team, but also Liverpool FC soccer, the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, some racecar stuff with RFK Racing, Boston Common Golf, and even part of the PGA Tour. Fenway Sports Group put out this news saying Theo will be advising on everything they do from picking players to figuring out where to grow their business next.

For folks in Boston who love sports, it’s pretty cool to see him come back. He ended long stretches without championships for both the Red Sox and then did it again with the Chicago Cubs.

It’s a grеat honor, somеthing I’m rеally еxcitеd about. It’s just еxciting to bе joining such a dynamic, groundbrеaking company across multiplе sports, doing so many innovativе things at thе cutting еdgе of еvеrything going on in sports thеsе days. For mе, it’s pеrfеct, I was looking for a pathway into ownеrship. Theo Epstein said via Sportico.

Theo Epstein’s enduring legacy in Boston and beyond

Theo Epstein left Boston and sports in general, It reminded me of how important he is now that he’s back working with the Fenway Sports Group. His leadership took Boston’s baseball team to victory again in 2007, proving he was a major player in their winning ways.

He knows all about breaking old losing streaks and making teams that win big. His know-how is going to be a big plus for not just baseball but also other sports that the Fenway Sports Group is involved with.

They want to grow and do well in all sorts of sports businesses that are always changing. With Theo Epstein coming back into the picture, it looks like exciting times ahead for both the Red Sox and the whole Fenway Sports Group team.

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