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Premier League wants to sign Xabi Alonso immediately



Premier League wants to sign Xabi Alonso immediately

In a surprising turn of events, Chelsea is reportedly considering the immediate appointment of Xabi Alonso as their head coach. The former Liverpool and Bayern Munich player has gained coaching experience as the current head coach of Bayer Leverkusen.

Premier League wants to sign Xabi Alonso immediately

However, despite Chelsea’s eagerness, Alonso seems to be keeping his options open, with interest also emanating from his former clubs, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. This development suggests a potential tug-of-war for Alonso’s services, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the managerial landscape.

As the rumors circulate, Bayer Leverkusen finds itself in a precarious position, facing the prospect of losing their head coach to a top-tier Premier League club. Alonso’s decision to assess his options in the summer indicates a strategic approach, allowing him to carefully evaluate the offers on the table. This delay might heighten the anticipation surrounding Alonso’s next move and could potentially lead to a bidding war between the interested parties, each vying to secure the services of the promising coach.

For Chelsea, the potential acquisition of Xabi Alonso represents a shift in their managerial strategy, opting for a coach with a blend of playing experience at the highest level and recent success in coaching.

The competition from Liverpool and Bayern Munich adds a layer of uncertainty, making Alonso’s decision a crucial point in the upcoming managerial shuffle across European football. The football world eagerly awaits the final decision, as the summer.

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