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Gary Neville admits spotting Liverpool players in night club ‘until 4am on a Wednesday’



The ultimate professional Gary Neville admitted Liverpool’s penchant for night clubs in the 90s harmed their title chances when coming up against his Manchester United team-mates.

Gary Neville revealed he used to see Liverpool players traipsing out of nightclubs at 4 am during his playing days.

The ex-Manchester United captain spoke about the beginning of his career at Old Trafford and the squads that both United and Liverpool possessed during the 90s in a recent episode of the Stick to Football podcast.

Neville, 48, claimed that the Reds’ senior players at the time were “big drinkers” and said just how talented the young crop of players that their rivals had at their disposal.

“What we came into [at Manchester United], at that time [1992/93] Liverpool had a talented group of players, and I don’t dismiss that some of them were as talented as we were, like [Steve] McManaman, [Robbie] Fowler, Jamie Redknapp, and a couple of others,” Neville remarked.

“Their senior players were big drinkers. They had a talented group at Liverpool and there was one year where they were pushing us for the title, in 1995/96, but our senior players, I felt, were more professional and were more talented.”

The former full-back spoke to the professionalism of his team-mates and suggested that the enjoyment of night clubs for Liverpool players caused a lack of success for the club during that period.

“To me, there wasn’t an excess [of drinking], where we put games in doubt, but I remember seeing Liverpool lads at Cheerleaders [a nightclub],” he added. “Cheerleaders on a Wednesday night, I went a couple of times and I remember the Liverpool lads were in the corner, the United lads would go home around 1 am but the Liverpool lads were [there until] 4 am, 5 am on a Wednesday.”

O‌n the back of Marcus Rashford’s 12-hour bender controversy last month, Neville insisted on the importance of a strong dressing room with leadership figures. He also questioned if there were any leaders at Old Trafford.

“It’s a massive factor, the dressing room that you come into as a young player and the influence and standard bearers in the dressing room,” he continued.

“These [Manchester] United lads who have come through in the last five to eight years, if you’re a young lad coming through at Liverpool and Manchester City you’ve got a good chance, whereas if you’re at United now, you’re thinking whose guiding that dressing room.”

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