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What Jurgen Klopp really thinks about Ryan Gravenberch after working with him at Liverpool



Jurgen Klopp’s final summer as Liverpool manager ultimately looks like being a very good one.

The Reds reshaped their whole midfield, bringing in four new players who have all largely done well. It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, with Ryan Gravenberch comfortably the new addition to struggle the most so far.

Having been signed on deadline day, Gravenberch wasn’t afforded any kind of pre-season with Liverpool. The 21-year-old was thrown straight in with the campaign already underway. As a result, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he’s still getting to grips with things.

Slightly worryingly though, Gravenberch’s form has appeared to get worse as the season has worn on. That culminated in a poor display against Arsenal on Sunday, which saw Klopp berating him after the Gunners’ opening goal.

On the back of that disappointing performance, The Athletic have detailed the potential reasons for Gravenberch’s drop off.

Although some may have already decided differently, it’s also reported that Klopp is seemingly unconcerned by the Dutchman’s form. Indeed, the Liverpool manager is said to ‘retain faith’ in Gravenberch for now.

Klopp keeping the faith

It wasn’t a great look for Gravenberch on Sunday. Footage showed Klopp absolutely livid with him following Bukayo Saka’s early goal.

On the face of the goal itself, it’s not immediately obvious what Gravenberch does wrong. He isn’t at fault directly for anything that happens.

However, for those who know what they’re looking for, you can see why Jurgen was so upset with his midfielder.

Gravenberch simply allows the ball to be played around him in Arsenal’s defensive third. The former Ajax player makes a half-hearted attempt to press his opponents, but rather gives up once the Gunners have used him as a training cone.

This is unfortunately a familiar sight for Liverpool fans this season Although Gravenberch has had his moments and is obviously very talented with the ball at his feet, he does not hassle and harry in the manner Klopp usually expects of his midfielders.

There were rumours in the summer that Tyler Morton would have been retained had Liverpool not been able to sign Gravenberch. And given the kind of data we’re seeing from Morton, you can’t help but feel he might have actually been a better option.

That might sound harsh on Liverpool’s No.38 and no one should give up on him. But he does need to improve.

During Klopp’s reign we’ve seen a number of new recruits have difficult starts but go on to be top players for the club. There shouldn’t be any reason Gravenberch can’t do the same.

Obviously, that is likely to now come under a different manager. Ironically, the change could be good for Ryan, who might suit a new coach a little better. Until then though, Jurgen will keep trying.

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