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My Liverpool team-mate was an unpopular idiot – but I still can’t believe what his wife did on night out



Danny Murphy has revealed how one Liverpool player was unpopular in the dressing room after his wife called the manager.

Danny Murphy has revealed how one of his former Liverpool team-mates was unpopular in the dressing room partly because of the antics of his wife.

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has inadvertently recently made headlines after his wife, Bella, seemingly suggested that his manager, Mauricio Poechttino, should be sacked after last weekend’s 4-2 defeat to Wolves.

Appearing on TalkSPORT, Murphy revealed that Mrs Silva’s public interventions would not be going down well in the Chelsea dressing room, as he then recalled a similar instance from his own time at Liverpool.

“I find it bizarre that you would get yourself in that situation where a wife, partner or girlfriend, mother, brother or whoever, starts tweeting about your career and the politics of the club and who should do what,” he said.

“It’s beyond my comprehension because it wouldn’t happen on my watch and if it did it would only happen once.

“If Thiago Silva was 25 and planning a long career at Chelsea it would be more relevant because what’s next? Is she going to tweet about (Ben) Chilwell’s poor defending next week?

“Where does it stop? Is she going to tweet about (Nicolas) Jackson missing a header at 2-1? Wait, what?”

He continued: “I remember at Liverpool, we had a little party with all the new players in pre-season and we had some adult entertainment and one of the players’ wives decided to phone the manager and tell him how disgusted she was that he’d put her husband in the situation.

“He alienated himself somewhat because the lads quickly went, ‘What are you doing?’ That would happen the same on social media.

“He was an idiot anyway, he wasn’t a popular boy. The same person’s wife decided on a particular night out with partners to tell another Liverpool player that his defending had been atrocious and he needed to sort his off the field antics out, and I’m talking about a Liverpool legend as well.”

Why you could perhaps take an educated guess at the Liverpool legend in question who found himself on the receiving end of his team-mate’s sharp tongue, it is somewhat harder to narrow down and identify which ‘unpopular’ player Murphy could be referring to.

The midfielder made 249 appearances for the Reds over seven seasons, registering 44 goals, 41 assists, and famously helping Gerard Houllier’s side win the treble in 2000/01 along with the League Cup in 2003.

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