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‘Stealing our stuff’… Curtis Jones claims Arsenal have copied something that Liverpool always do



Liverpool star Curtis Jones has delivered his verdict on Arsenal’s celebrations after their win last weekend.

The Gunners dominated Jurgen Klopp‘s side and picked up a fantastic victory on Sunday. It was a huge win, and Arsenal’s celebrations showed just how much it meant to them. Jones, however, thinks Mikel Arteta and his men just copied Liverpool.

Curtis Jones claims Arsenal copied what Liverpool always do

A lot has been said about Arsenal‘s celebrations following their win over Liverpool last Sunday.

The Gunners produced a tremendous performance against the Reds. Goals from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard sealed a fantastic win for them.

At the end of the game, Arsenal celebrated in front of their fans. Everyone associated with the club was delighted after the full-time whistle, and the joy on their faces was evident for everyone to see.

Mikel Arteta was the happiest of them all. He ran around his technical area after Trossard’s goal and continued his celebrations after the game.

He even pulled out his own version of Jurgen Klopp’s fist-bump celebration in front of the Arsenal fans, and they all loved it.

Curtis Jones, however, doesn’t seem too pleased, and he has accused the Gunners of ‘stealing’ and ‘copying’ Liverpool.

He told BBC Sport: “Listen, that’s why I’ve got to shut it all down in a respectful way, I’d say. The celebrations and all, that is all nice but for many years, we’ve always been a team, our fans have spoken about it and the gaffer himself, you know, the way he fist bumps the fans and stuff.

“That’s kind of like our thing. So if they want to be stealing our stuff, then it shows that we’re on the right path and we’ve got these who are copying us.”

It’s time for Liverpool and Arsenal to move on

It’s been almost five days since Arsenal beat Liverpool, and people just can’t stop talking about Arsenal’s celebrations.

Not a lot has been said about the Gunners’ fantastic performance, which is a shame, but what’s done is done now, and it’s time to move on.

Liverpool and Arsenal will not play again this season, so both sides need to focus on their own games now as they aim to win the title race.

As annoyed as Liverpool are right now, they can still have the last laugh if they win the Premier League this season. If they don’t, we’re sure the Arsenal celebrations will be bigger and louder at the end of the season.

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