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Vincent Kompany makes ‘awkward’ Liverpool admission and ‘dangerous’ claim about Burnley



Burnley manager Vincent Kompany was pleased with how his side played against Liverpool, but he has played in enough games like these to know they can be tricky.

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany is better placed than most coaches at the bottom of the Premier League to know how these kinds of matches can go. The former Manchester City captain has been in Liverpool’s position many a time before: where a team at the top doesn’t make it as easy as many believed it might against a team near the bottom.

Liverpool was the heavy favorite to win the game and having done so, will get little credit for it. After all, that was expected. Jürgen Klopp’s side started slowly but won, and did so when missing a number of key men through injury or illness. By the time the day was over, Liverpool was back at the top of the Premier League again — and that is what will be remembered.

“I understand from Liverpool’s perspective, they are always awkward games,” he told Match of the Day. “There is an expectation from fans to see those games off early and to have a little bit of a quiet afternoon but that’s something we can benefit from. I’ve been on the other side many times and know how awkward these things can be. We made it difficult and these types of performances can’t remain unrewarded in the future.

“It’s in moments like this that you show what you are made of. I have my eyes wide open and don’t want to hide away from toughness. We do ourselves proud and our fans proud. People can tell you what you don’t achieve in life, but they don’t say what you still can achieve.”

Burnley was impressive to a point. The second-bottom outfit has a number of exciting young players like Zeki Amdouni and Wilson Odobert and while it might take a bit of time to get them playing to a peak level, Kompany has assembled a side with potential if not consistency. If it goes down, it would instantly be a favorite to come back up again.

“I’ve been to this place many times as a player and didn’t get as many chances as we did today,” Kompany continued. “These types of games you need a little bit of luck but we didn’t have that and it becomes difficult. The team fights, works hard, is always dangerous, and at times played really well.

“It’s a credit to the team because they always keep going. I can take positives but obviously we want the results. It is not the first time we’ve had plenty of opportunities. There’s no sulking about it. It is what is it and we have to get on with it and get ready for the next challenge.” says: Kompany has played in enough of these kinds of games from the other side (representing the heavy favorite) to know that they are not always as easy in reality as how they might look on paper. Liverpool got the job done and won well enough in the end despite having so many injuries and a few who have been ill this week, including Alisson Becker and Ryan Gravenberch, who was well enough to make the bench.

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