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I’m a Liverpool hero – but I’d drink in Everton pubs so everyone would leave me alone’



Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann had a hugely enjoyable time at Anfield, although he needed time away from fans at points where the German wouldn’t be bothered.

Dietmar Hamann had a love affair with the city of Liverpool – but ‘Didi’ has admitted he used to head to the blue side when he just wanted a bit of peace and quiet in the pub.

The German was one of those players who may not be flashy or eye-catching, but left a mark on the fans of the sides he donned the kits of – and converting a penalty in the 2005 Champions League final will also have helped at Anfield. Having joined the Reds from Newcastle United in 1996 after a long and successful spell with Bayern Munich, Hamann played almost 200 times for the scouse outfit.

But while speaking to Peter Crouch, he revealed he would often head for the blue side of Merseyside for a drink, especially when all he wanted was not to be bothered by fans.

Hamann told That Peter Crouch Podcast: “They didn’t harass me in the red pubs but sometimes you want a bit of peace. If I go for a pint on my own, there’s a reason I’m going on my own – because I don’t want to speak to anyone. If I wanted to have a conversation i wouldn’t go on my own!

“But, I’ve got to say they’re (Liverpool fans) very thoughtful. People don’t harass you like in Italy, say. I’ve never played in Italy but they say they touch you, always want to take a photo. In those days there weren’t really camera phones, they just wanted to shake your hand or wanted an autograph so it was all good. But i used to go to blue pubs probably preferably.”

The night after the 2005 Champions League final has been recounted plenty of times by members of the squad, and Hamann commented on the squad’s drinking habits.

He added: “The other thing thing was there was never any trouble because people would say ‘Oh, you go to an Everton pub? I’d just say ‘Yeah.’ People appreciate that. We had to odd night out and sometimes when people have a drink crazy thins happen, but in seven years there there was never ever one situation when I felt ‘Oh, this could get out of hand now.’

“This is why the city is special and this is why I went there and I stayed for a long time. It was the longest time I played for a club and the most successful time, it was brilliant.”

Hamann will forever retain his cult hero status in Liverpool. And he will no doubt be forgiven for just wanting to have his preferred tipple without being interrupted

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