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‘Madness’…Michael Owen says 24-year-old Liverpool player did something ‘insane’ v Brentford



Darwin Nunez was one of the stars of the show for Liverpool yesterday as they hammered Brentford as he got on the scoresheet again.

Nunez ran through in the first half to expertly dink the ball over Mark Flekken in the Brentford goal before going off at half-time as a precaution over a potential injury.

The finish from the Uruguayan was very much that of a man who has full confidence in himself right now.

However, on another day, Nunez might well get it wrong and miss, bringing yet more critics his way.

And making that very point over on social media, former Liverpool striker Michael Owen admitted that while the goal was ‘pure class’ from Nunez, it’s not the sort of finish he wants to see consistently from the striker.

Michael Owen tells Darwin Nunez to tone it down

Indeed, Owen believes that Nunez can be a better player by taking on the more standard types of finish and, in turn, improving his chances of scoring.

“That finish from Darwin Nunez yesterday was insane. I can’t stop watching it. And I can’t begin to explain how difficult a skill that is. Moving at pace, the ball running away from you, being inside the box with no room for error. Incredible. BUT, it is also further proof that if he is to get closer to becoming the great player many people think he can be, he has to adapt his way of thinking.

I mean, to even consider that finish is madness. It’s a 1 in 10, 2 in 10 finish at best. Learning to slot, dink or go round the GK is a far more productive way to score and will increase his chances to 4 or 5 in 10, thus massively increasing his end return. I’m really not trying to rain on his parade as that goal was pure class. But I’d rather see it when Liverpool are 3-0 up, not at 0-0,” Owen said.

Nunez is so unpredictable

Owen’s insight here is interesting and in fairness to him, he does make a valid point about the types of finish.

However, this from Nunez is why Liverpool fans love him so much. There’s always an element of doubt with the striker but when it comes off, it’s magic.

Owen has a valid point and Nunez might do well to take some of that onboard. However, there’s also a risk of taking the edge out of his game and that’s not something anyone wants to see.

For now, Liverpool fans will be more than happy to see Nunez doing this sort of thing.

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