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‘So strong’… Tom Lockyer says ‘incredible’ Liverpool star is impossible to play against



There’s a reason why Liverpool are top of the Premier League at the moment. So far to date, Liverpool have been the best team in the league. Simply put Jurgen Klopp’s side have been performing to a high standard all season.

Much of that has been thanks to the resurgence in form of Virgil van Dijk. Appointed as the team’s captain at the start of the season, Van Dijk has come leaps and bounds and has hit even new heights playing very much at the peak of his game.

With him in the side, Liverpool have looked impenetrable at times. Van Dijk just makes things really difficult for opposition players. He towers above you with his six foot four inch frame, and he’s also got the speed and the agility to keep up with you on the ground as well.

It’s no surprise players find it difficult to play against him.

Tom Lockyer on Virgil van Dijk

Among them is Tom Lockyer, who has been signing Van Dijk’s praises on BBC’s Monday Night Club show. The Luton defender spoke about how Van Dijk is almost impossible to play against for opposition players.

“Some people like Van Dijk, Maguire is one of them, they are just so hard to get hold of, Van Dijk especially. I had the burden of marking him from set pieces and he’s so big and so strong he can just go ‘get off’. Trying to get hold of some of them is real challenge,” Lockyer explained.

We are not really surprised by Lockyer’s words. Van Dijk looks so commanding when he is on the pitch, and Lockyer is not the first person to describe playing against him as very difficult.

Liverpool are obviously blessed to have someone of Van Dijk’s calibre in the team. He provides so much protection at the back and more importantly puts doubt into the minds of the opposition. Everyone knows how difficult he is to beat, which means you are always going to be a little bit cautious when you come up against Liverpool and he is on the pitch. It’s almost like he has an aura, and that aura simply repels opposition players. No wonder Michael Owen described him as ‘incredible’ lately.


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