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‘I’m a Liverpool legend – I’ve been laughing about Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Man Utd deal’



Some at Liverpool may be wary of Manchester United being revived following Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s investment in the club – but one Anfield icon has done nothing but laugh at the deal.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe hopes to revive Manchester United after buying a chunk of the club – but one Liverpool icon isn’t convinced.

In fact, Mark Lawrenson was left laughing when he found out the British billionaire had paid £1billion for a 27% share of the Premier League powerhouse. And while it may signal the start of a resurgence at Old Trafford, Lawrenson – who played at Anfield between 1981 and 1988 – is hung up on the particulars of the sale itself.

United have been in the doldrums effectively since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, winning just four major trophies in the 10 seasons since his departure. Yet despite that, it’s Lawrenson’s view that the Glazer family – who may eventually sell a controlling stake to Ratcliffe – have cut a magnificent deal only partially cashing out.

“Sir Jim Ratcliffe buying 27% of Manchester United just underlines the fact that the Glazers have done one of the best football deals ever,” he told Paddy Power. “They looked at Manchester United and thought, ‘we’ll get this club and get all the money to pay for it and skimp off everything they can get.’ It’s one of the best football deals.

“They live in America, occasionally come over and watch a game and they’re not asked. They’re making fortunes and to be fair, they’ve spent a lot of money! They’ve not spent it wisely, but they have spent it.

Do you think Sir Jim Ratcliffe got a good or bad deal for his investment? Let us know in the comments section below.

“And that’s not the Glazers, they just sign the cheque but it’s not their fault because they know very little about it. I really do laugh when I hear Manchester United supporters going on about it. It was the deal of the century.”

One can’t exactly blame United fans for getting excited new ownership, even if Ratcliffe’s stake is only a minority. For years, a large portion of United supporters have called for the Glazers to leave and hand the reins to someone more invested in the club’s day-to-day matters, and they appears to have got that in INEOS tycoon Ratcliffe.


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